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👨‍💼 Sales Development Lead

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Full-time
  • Boston, MA
  • Remote friendly

2022-05-26 23:53:52 UTC

About Acho

Hi there 👋, glad that you found us! I hope that this page explains what we do pretty well. Feel free to add a question in the form below if there’s anything unclear.

Acho is building a Collaborative GUI for data engineering tasks. From building a data connector, data pipeline to supporting an application, we make Acho accessible to all members of a team regardless of their roles, technical background. 

Our mission is simple and ambitious: build a database that everyone can and should use. Today, hundreds of business teams use Acho to transform their business processes and unlock more value from their data than ever before. 

Team Acho is engineering-focused and collaborative. Recently closed a Seed Round by Y Combinator, VCs, and legendary angel investors, we are setting off to solve some of the hardest problems in the data space today.

What you will do

  • Own, define, and lead strategies for growing the customer base of Acho

  • Drive acquisition, engagement, retention, and growth of free and paid users

  • Hit monthly quota for Sales Qualified Opportunities

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with our clients and advocate for our clients’ needs

  • Drive an experimentation approach to unlock value and accelerate customer growth

  • Define new approaches to measuring the effectiveness of all customer growth initiatives and key business drivers, in partnership with the product team

  • Recommend new and customer-friendly product, pricing, and packaging/bundling strategies that improve the customer experience and help drive customer growth targets

  • Provide day-to-day, organizational-wide visibility into ongoing performance dashboards and metrics

  • Help continually refine the ideal customer profiles and personas of all customer through customer research

  • Create broad visibility into learnings and impact; develop organization-wide understanding of and enthusiasm for the strategic impact our product offerings


  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, Engineering or a related field or equivalent practical experience.

  • 2 years of experience in Sales, or Marketing in the Software Industry.

  • Experience in CRM, SMTP email relay service, and RPA tools

  • Experience in HTML, SQL, Python SaS or any general purpose programming language is a bonus

  • Excellent communication skills; comfortable communicating with customers, and team members

What should expect by joining Acho

  • Grow and expand your desirable skill sets 10x quicker than any other place

  • Build things blazingly fast and have direct impact to our business

  • Have a huge "say" at a growth stage company


What does the interview process look like? We’ll reach out for an intro call after reviewing your resume. We may follow by scheduling a technical interview. If the tech round went well, we’d give you a small project. After assessing the project, we’d be ready and make an offer.

Can I work remotely? Yes. We support a hybrid of remote and on-site work environments.

What’s it like working for a startup? Being a small nimble team is the best way to grow fast both personally and collectively as a team. We tend to debunk some of the stereotypes about working at a startup. We rarely work overtime. Our processes are pretty clear and structured. Our goal is super defined. Our financial risk is actually a lot lower than a lot of established businesses as we have zero debt, fewer commitments/overheads, and actually grow each month.

What can I expect in terms of compensation? We aim to compensate competitively. Additionally, we ensure a “happy rate” and boost in pay for every milestone we achieve together.

What’s unique about this role? The SDR at our team helps us “engineer” growth. It takes a lot of trials and errors to know what works and what does not. In a lot of aspects, the SDR works like an engineer in our team. 

What’s special about team Acho? We’re a group of builders who aren’t afraid of the toughest challenges. The world as we understand it is a big puzzle with tons of problems to be solved. The bigger our goal is, the more and harder the problems become. We’d always want to be the team that solves the most, and hardest problems.